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Speroni closely monitors all presetters installed at our customers’ facilities. This close tie and continuous interaction guarantee our products’ high performance and ease of use. Our after-sales service and customer care is ready to answer all your questions, take note of your comments and, if necessary, send one of our technicians to your company for a technical and/or software assistance intervention. Otherwise, we can organize a remote connection intervention through web, email or phone. Speroni products are always accompanied by pre-established contracts of use, assistance, maintenance and certification that aid the conservation of the investment’s value through time.

Speroni produces top level technology: modularity, over 500 product configurations, 3 software platforms, unequaled ergonomics and innovative design. SPERONI’s construction concepts- always copied but never equaled- add new levels of ergonomics, ease of use and precision to our presetting systems. SPERONI’s systems’ modular design and great number of available configurations offer the best solution to whatever need, guaranteeing the possibility of future updates according to your business growth.


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